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Goji Leaves

As the summer comes, many things become “in season” including the way we dress, ways we treat the weather, and the way we eat. Fruits are particularly exciting during the warmer weather, but what’s better than a fresh green salad on a hot summer day? Goji plants are good for their berries, but also for their stems and leaves. For dinner this summer, why not get a sprig of goji leaves to feed your green side?

Acquiring these leaves can be done a couple of different ways. For one, you could obviously just buy a container of goji leaves. However, the better way is to get them fresh on the stem. By buying the leaves on the stem you can eat them fresher, but also refresh your supply. After you harvest them from the stem, you can put it in a little dirt and water it, and with enough patience you’ll have another home grown salad in just a little while.

What can you do with goji leaves, though? The berries may be obvious—you pop them into your mouth. But how many people actually like to just munch away on these greens with no preparation or additives? Salads are fairly typical, and can be a cooling choice on a hot summer day. No cooking means no added heat to the house. Goji salads can be delicious with additional goji berries, fresh pear chunks, and toasted walnuts. If it’s a hot drink to get you to sleep that you want, the leaves can be brewed in hot water to create a tasty tea. The leaves won’t have much sweetness, so honey or agave nectar will make for natural sweeteners. There are many other recipes out there, though—soups, salads, and anything else. A common tonic in Asian cultures to help with colds, eyesight, and other ailments is a combination of the leaves and pig liver to make soup.

Asian cultures have been around for a long time and have been reaping the benefits of these miracle foods long before we had the technology to know exactly what they contain. However, we have come to realize that these little leaves are packed with more vitamins and minerals than normal veggies you might be eating. They’re also healthier, with very low sugar content and few calories. The leaves are also packed full of zinc—vital for a child’s brain development.

Whether used for dinner or desert, the goji plant can improve quality of life if they’re utilized properly. Search out recipes, buy a sprig, and find out exactly what goji can do for you.

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