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Superfood Noni Fruit

   Today’s America is all about finding the super foods out there–picking up the blueberries, the goji berries, and other popular names. As consumers, we gain information about these more popular ones and gravitate toward them because we know about them, but there’s always a mysterious interest about the less well-known ones. In this case, it’s the noni fruit that’s gone so long with so little knowledge.
A noni fruit comes from South-East Asia, but because of its recent boom, it’s traveled around the world to Hawaii, India, the Pacific Islands, and French Polynesia, among other places that it can survive and thrive. It’s spread around the world and frequently eaten in other places, but as a fresh fruit, it lacks popularity for a couple of reasons: it’s a tropical mystery, and because it’s so stinky. Yes, this fruit has gotten a nickname as the “cheese fruit” because of it’s pungent odor. The taste could be similarly described, which is why it’s often masked with other fruit juices.
The biggest question when decided if something is a superfood or not is the obvious: What benefits can you get from noni juice? In short, almost everything, but let’s expound. Noni fruits have many components to boost the body. Polysaccharides and antioxidants help the immune system and act as an anti-bacterial and reduce the risk of cancer in the body by destroying the free radicals. Research also shows that noni lowers cholesterol by inhibiting the creation of it in the first place. A chemical in the juice–scopoletin–also binds to receptors in the body that is linked to blood pressure, keeping it safe and low.
As with genies, however, super foods have drawbacks and limitations. The high concentration of vitamins can be harmful to certain people. Those with hyperkalemia should monitor their intake of noni for the levels of potassium. People on blood pressure medicine in general should consult their doctors before going on any sort of diet with noni juice, as the natural chemicals may inhibit or alter the affect of the medicine.
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