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Peppermint and Menthol: What They Can Do

Whether it’s from a cough drop, toothpaste, or a cool winter treat, everyone is familiar with the menthol taste of peppermint. Peppermint is a cross between a watermint and a spearmint and is most popular because the herb doesn’t require as much attention as its two less familiar parents. The flavoring is used in a lot of cooking and has branded itself across many foods such as gum and candies. However, fewer people are quite as knowledgeable about its health benefits as they are with the flavors.


Peppermint comes in different forms when sold in stores. One can find flavoring, which tends to be peppermint extract. It comes from an extract of the oils, bringing with it most of the health benefits and flavoring of the leaves. Stores sell it in capsules and  tablets to allow people to get the health benefits without needing to devour peppermint leaves. The plants themselves can be bought and grown to use in home cooking. Peppermint candies are also popular for all times, as they are given out at parades, stores, and restaurants regularly.

The pills that are sold with concentrated peppermint extract, providing health with stomach, dental, respiratory, and aesthetic problems. For the stomach, peppermint contains carminativia, which relieves air bubbles in the stomach and gas problems. It also alleviates problems with low appetite, soothes an achy or nauseous stomach, and treats heartburn. Sea sickness is also on the list of problems fixed.

Dental problems are also dealt with as the antiseptic deals with plaque and mouth bacteria. This fights bad breath and treats toothaches. The menthol in the peppermint creates that minty fresh feeling that arises from using toothpaste, a familiar taste people now expect to come with squeaky clean teeth.

The menthol from peppermint oil is also used in products like Vic’s chest rub. The menthol vapors get into the sinuses and clear them, making peppermint a useful substance for kids with a cold or a flu. It also comes in cough drops, aiding with sore throats.

Finally, peppermint is good for aesthetic uses. For the hair, it removes dandruff and lice. The menthol is good topically and creates healthy looking skin by nourishing and improving previously oily skin.

Peppermint is used for a variety of reasons, whether for a sore throat or tasty gum, the menthol-y mint flavor is familiar to people everywhere. The oil is perfect for keeping the stomach, teeth, lungs, and body healthy, even if the intentions are just to make a good cookie.

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