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How to beat insomnia

Twenty percent of Americans suffer from sleeping disorders; not all of those people know how they can help themselves. Insomnia comes in different forms, which means it can be treated differently depending on the problem. Some methods work better for certain people. Some prefer natural hormone therapy, and others would rather take synthesized chemicals. Information on the different methods may help that choice along.

One of the chemical choices of sleep aid is called diphendramine. While sounding complicated, it is actually found in most medicine cabinets under the name of benadryl. Diphendramine is an antihistamine and makes a person drowsy at the same time that it fights poisons. This is because it’s a chemical that binds receptors in the brain, but it cannot tell the difference¬† between histamine receptors and acetylcholine receptors. By blocking the histamine receptors, the histamine can no longer attach itself to the brain and thus symptom relief. When the acetylcholine is not allowed to attach in the brain, it builds up in the blood stream and creates a drowsy feeling in the body. Newer versions of benadryl or “none drowsy” types are more specified as to which receptors it blocks.

A more popular–and more natural–way of falling asleep is taking melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced in the pineal gland, which can be found in the brain, depending on the conditions the body is under, including light, sound, and temperature. It does not directly make the body drowsy, nor is it a conventional sleep aid. It works better for resetting or changing biological clocks. This is a perfect option for people attempting to change or create sleeping habits.
Another minor sedative is sometimes used for sleep aid as well–chamomile. It’s a well known herb that can be used to brew teas, but sometimes is found in pill form. It’s been drank for centuries, reaching back to the 1600′s when they started drinking chamomile tea to soothe the stomach and lull the body into a relaxing sleep. It works by slowing the nervous system, making sleep easier.

Always remember to consult with doctors about prolonged use of any drug. Sleep does not have to be a difficult thing to obtain, nor does assistance have to be expensive or risky in terms of health. Many natural herb supplements can help ease the body into an eight hour long rest if taken in appropriate doses.

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