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Aloe Vera in Healthy Blend

From the Amazon Basin in South America we come home again to the United States for the USDA Organic Certified Aloe Vera Juice used in our Healthy Blend Juice.

aloe-small.JPGYou, like I, probably have an Aloe plant growing in the kitchen window. When I burn my hand, I first chill the burn with ice and then break of a piece of aloe and apply the cool gel to the burn. Old wives tale? no, there are plenty of scientific studies documenting the antiseptic and healing properties of aloe vera.

But why drink the juice? Because even internally aloe is a wound healer. There are currently studies going on testing its effectiveness in treating colitis and IBS (irratable bowel syndrome).  Besides these serious conditions, we all have had at one time or another stomach and gastric upsets that leave internal wounds. Aloe Vera juice is helpful in treating those minor wounds in the same way it treats a burned or cut finger.

Keep your Aloe growing on the window sill, but get the internal benefit from drinking Aloe Vera Juice in our Healthy Blend.

Eating Healthy,



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