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Tips on the cultivation of Goji berry plants in the Western

Hemisphere, and beyond there are over 40 varieties of Goji berry plants indigenous to the Tibetan and Mongolian Himilayas. Little is known as to the optimum methods of growing them elsewhwere; nevertheless, what is most important is to plant them in a well draining soil. It has been suggested that they should have a dormancy period in the winter. This is because their root systems could be subject to fungus or bacterial infestation. Not firmly concludeld yet is a possible solution to the warmer climate challOne possible solution to this dilemma is a seaweed fertilizer know as, "Ascophyllum Nodosum" , thriiving off the shores of Nova Scotia. Not only does is add over 60 macro and trace minerals to the plant, but it also provides alginates that stimulate prolific root system growth and fortity the plant system from fungal and bacterial infection.

Much experimentation needs to be done in order to determine where and under what conditionss and addendums will accomplish best results to successfully cultivate Goji plant production, but we offer in our opinion one indespible requesite: Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed fertilizer.

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