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Gojiberries.us, a nutrition company, has Certified viable Goji seed guaranteed to germinate upon following planting instructions. We also carry Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed fertilizer, which would be an excellent soil addendum for growing the Goji berries (Latin name: Lycium Eleagnus Barbarum. This seaweed fertilizer helps replenish the soil nutrients often missing from our depleted soil banks. Click on “seaweed fertilizer” for more information about this.

First of all, don’t be fooled by ads claiming the goji berries being naturally shade dried. If this were so, then why can’t the ones sold for eating germinate when planted and bring forth seedlings? I have personally tried numerous ones I purchased over the internet, but with not even one source that would germinate. That is, except ours.

We now have a package deal: Click on “package deals” and you will have options available for purchasing the viable Goji seeds and our “Ocean Potion” seaweed fertilizer you will discover enhances your results.

And now for the planting instructions:

When you are ready to start your planting, simply put the “dried raisins” between dampened paper towels for an hour or two. Next, slice them open, which will reveal about 20-35 viable seeds. Carefully remove these tiny seeds and promptly plant them in ¼ to ½ inch of loose porous topsoil. Spray them religiously with a vapor mist sprayer until they are well established in indirect sunlight. After two leaf generation, you can then water them with a careful sprinkler system, being careful not to overwater. Once you have a third leaf generation, it is advisable to snip off the main stem over this generation, causing the plant to “bush”, rather than “tree”. This leads to a more prolific producer. By now, you can transfer the seedlings into more direct sunlight. Now you can water them on a more regular basis. Hereafter, the plants will be hardy and prolific growers, producing a few berries perhaps in the first year or two, but producing normal harvests in 4-5 years subsequent to planting.

There you have it. If you have any input, we would be appreciate to hearing from you. We have set up a Blog wherein anyone can give their input on this information center. We would welcome any comments or suggestions that would held our nutrition company be more effective at providing nutritional information and suggestions to health-conscious citizens interested in preventive medicine. We are especially interested in testimonials on different alternative practices and the results.

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